• Seven Of The Worst Things To Do Before A Dermatology Appointment

    It's important to know what you should and shouldn't do before a dermatology appointment. Making mistakes before a dermatology appointment can lead to frustrations when it comes to resolving your skin issues. The following are seven of the worst things to do before a dermatology appointment.  Having no pictures of past issues A lot of dermatology concerns come and go. If you're having a condition such as acne or a rash that might periodically disappear, it's important to take a picture of your skin while the condition is visible.
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  • Tips To Help You Recover After Spider Vein Treatment

    'Spider veins' is a term used to describe blood vessels that become twisted, making them very prominent and easy to see through the skin. While spider veins, which are often found on the legs or face, usually do not cause pain, many people do not like how they look. The good news is that spider veins can be treated and removed by a doctor. Spider vein treatment has very good outcomes, but like most medical procedures it does have a recovery period.
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